How to Make Paper Beads

Earrings made by Ffion Boyd using Handmade Paper Beads

by Laura Hudson and Ffion Boyd

Have you ever wanted to make your own jewellery? Or maybe you already make jewellery, but with beads that you buy from the shop?

These paper beads are so easy to make, yet so effective, and can be used to make your very own, entirely original, earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc.

Follow these simple steps to create your own unique beads – for an added challenge, follow the steps to make your own earrings!

Paper Beads (beginner)

You will need

  • A recycled calendar or magazine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Dry spaghetti stick
  • PVA glue mixed with a little water


  • On a sheet from the magazine or calendar, use a ruler to measure out a long thin triangle with a base between 1cm or 2cm.
  • Draw these triangles onto the paper using a pencil, and fill up the page with as many triangles as you’d like.
  • Cut them out.
  • Take a piece of dry spaghetti and break it into more manageable pieces (no bigger than 10cm). 
  • Lay the triangle reverse side up, and lay the piece of spaghetti on top at the base of the triangle. Begin to roll tightly and evenly.
  • Once rolled almost completely, add a touch of glue to the point of the triangle. Allow it to go tacky for about 20 seconds, then roll it over to complete the bead.
  • Hold for a minute and allow the glue to set, then slide the bead off the spaghetti.

Hints and Tips:

I made my beads using triangles with a base of 2cm and a height of 20cm, which make long and thin beads. For rounder beads, use a shorter base (about 1cm) and a longer height (20-30cm).


To strengthen the beads, coat them with PVA glue and water.

If you want to make a bracelet, make a number of beads then thread them onto some elastic thread and tie with a knot. 

Earrings (intermediate)

You will need

  • At least two of your paper beads, and any other beads you fancy
  • Two earring hooks
  • Two metal rods with flat base
  • Round headed pliers (turquoise in picture)
  • Metal cutting pliers (dark blue in picture)


  • Slip your beads onto the metal rod in your preferred formation.
  • Cut the metal rod so that there is just under a centimeter left.
  • Use the round headed pliers to curl the end of the metal rod.
  • Slip on the earring hook.
  • Finish curling the metal rod around the earring hook to secure it on.

We would love to see what you come up with! Tag us in your creations @burghhouse1704.

Text and images © Laura Hudson and Ffion Boyd

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