Southwood Hall Estate – Art in the Garden 1

Drawings by residents of Southwood Hall Estate

Pencil drawing

Individual drawings 105 x 150 mm

“There is no doubt drawing helps keeping mental stability in anxious times.”


Linda’s Lockdown Project

At the beginning of lockdown, Linda sent out a letter to the residents of Southwood Hall Estate, inviting them to simply draw a tree from their garden. Linda wanted to inspire local residents to look closely at nature and feel the healing sensation of putting pen to paper. Asking people to use A6 sized paper, she said that the small size is symbolic of the situation we find ourselves in, with many people’s lives being reduced. These drawings would then become a collective piece, turned into a card. Proceeds of the sale of these cards go to Muswell Hill Foodbank – as of early September, the sale of these cards has raised over £1100 in aid of the Foodbank.

Southwood Hall Estate – Art in the Garden 2, Linda and Residents of Southwood Hall Estate. Pencil drawings, 105 x 150 mm each

‘I did have to give encouragement to residents to have a go, as several were willing but felt insecure about showing their drawings. I was hoping to reach those who said they couldn’t draw.

I think we all enjoyed it, and once they were printed several people contacted me to say they wished they had been brave enough! People certainly put a lot into it, and really enjoyed taking time to slow down and look closely at a tree and draw. There were several requests to do more art projects. There is no doubt drawing helps keeping mental stability in anxious times.

Personally I have been more involved with this community and finding creative ways to spend time together as we are lucky enough to have a large communal garden where we can interact with distancing.

Most of us here have met neighbours for the first time, and other groups have sprung up, tai chi daily, an outdoor cooking club with residents demonstrating food from their cultures, a book group, and a group composting kitchen waste, another art project in the garden to create flags for our summer garden party, with our resident swing band.’

Text and images © Linda

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