Freya Boutureira (6)

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Freya Boutureira

Fondant cookie decoration

Freya’s Lockdown Project

‘This project made me feel hungry. I chose it because I love cookies and icing.’

How has lockdown made you feel? Has it impacted your mental health and wellbeing?

‘Sad and ferocious. It made me mad because I missed my grandma and my baby cousin so much and I didn’t even have corona virus.’

Has your creative project helped you to improve your mental health and wellbeing, both in general and during the pandemic? If so, how?

‘It made me happy doing this.’

In what ways has the Covid-19 lockdown influenced your creativity or changed how you use art?

‘I had lots of time to make all sorts of things with my mummy.’

Text and images © Freya Boutureira

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